Migrating SharePoint to 64 bit — The Beginning

Well with the impending upgrade to SharePoint 2010 and 32 bit not being supported going forward, everyone that is on 32 bit will have to migrate their servers to 64 bit before they can upgrade. If I had my wish I would be able to stand up a parallel environment, including a mirrored SQL Server and migrate with very little downtime. However, in reality, that isn’t going to happen so there has to be a more creative way to migrate. There are several ways to go about it but this is the way I want to proceed and still try to minimize downtime…(wish me luck)

The migration needs to be in a series of steps and this is what I am wanting to do:

  1. Migrate the SQL Servers first
  2. Migrate the application tier
  3. Migrate the WFEs

There are a lot of things to consider:

    How many SharePoint Farms need to be migrated?
    Is there a parent child relationship with the SSP?
    Content Deployment?
    Indexing and Query?
    How much data is in your SharePoint environment?
    Can you have any downtime? How much?

There are more but you get the idea…it isn’t necessarily an easy task if your users demand little downtime and you have a large farm with a lot of data…don’t get me wrong there are risks every time you make this kind of change in any farm.

I will post some of the issues I see as the migration goes and what was done to either mitigate them, specific procedures done, or workarounds.